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Les pôles de compétitivité

Propose a project

One of Nuclear Valley’s tasks is to encourage innovation by means of collaborative R&D projects.

Nuclear Valley’s technical consultants provide support to project initiators to help them put together the project file.

Depending on the situation, Nuclear Valley can provide support at different phases of the project:

•             Identification and introduction to potential partners (laboratories, SMEs, major groups),

•             Advice and help with writing the content,

•             Advice on Nuclear Valley certification process,

•             Presentation of the file to potential providers of funding.

Certification of an R&D project by Nuclear Valley is a precondition, or factor, which reinforces the file when applying for funding for the project. 

The certification process put in place by Nuclear Valley aims to build up the file and to improve its chances of being successful. Each suggested project is dealt with by one of Nuclear Valley’s technology consultants who are supported by the Scientific Committee (SC) made up of experts from the academic or industrial spheres who have made a commitment to respect the confidentiality of any project submitted to them.

The process can be summarized as follows:

Phase 1: Proposition

You have an idea for an innovative project which could have applications in the nuclear industry.

You would like Nuclear Valley to provide support to help you draw up a presentation file for use when applying for funding.

Phase 2: Preliminary request for certification

Succinctly describe your project, clearly indicating the objectives, the state of the art in the field and the expected results. (Download the project submission form)

Phase 3: Preliminary analysis by the SC

During this phase, the Scientific Committee assesses the pertinence and decides to validate the project or not. If it decides to validate the project, it can suggest potential partners (research laboratories or industrialists), technical avenues to be explored, technical risks to study, potential applications to assess, a reduction or widening of the project’s scope etc.

Phase 4: Setting up the file

The project initiator, assisted by a specialized consultancy if necessary, is assisted by Nuclear Valley technology consultants in putting together and writing the file.

The finished file must clearly state the expected results, the technical barriers and the fallback solutions.

Phase 5: Final assessment of the project for certification

The completed file is assessed by the SC which meets once a month on average.

The SC gives its opinion which is transmitted to Nuclear Valley Board of Directors which grants or refuses the certification of the project.

The project initiator receives an official communication which completes, when favorable, the file as sent to the relevant funding organization (ANR, FUI, OSEO, European funds etc.).

Throughout the process, the project initiator is assisted by a Nuclear Valley technology consultant. All decisions are taken by the initiator based on suggestions made by the technology consultant or the Scientific Committee. All individuals involved at any point in the entire process treat the file and its contents as confidential.