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Les pôles de compétitivité

Nuclear Valley’s missions

Thanks to its thorough knowledge and mastery of nuclear technologies, France is a world leader in this field. Its internationally recognised knowhow has won a large number of export orders for the French nuclear industry. The orders cover sales of equipment, nuclear services and electricity. The PNB, a key structure in the Nuclear Strategy Field, is a natural provider of support for its members’ international activity in two main areas: company partnerships and Research & Development.

The two major regions for export are Asia (48% of the turnover of small and medium sized companies) and Europe (40%), both far ahead of North America (12%) (Source: CSFN, 2012).

The ability to form consortia and to coordinate export related activity is critical for PNB companies.

Given that each country’s nuclear development policy and strategy is specific to that country, the PNB’s international strategy is closely tied to a preliminary in-depth study in collaboration with political and industrial prime contractors in order to decide the potential for development of a specific export market.

Moreover, since its creation, the PNB has been studying the level of maturity of potential export markets for each country on behalf of its members, and defining priority actions resulting from the information.

PNB’s international presence is shown by its participation in different events (international trade fairs and conventions, export missions, reception of foreign delegations: South Africa, Finland, organisation of BtoB forums). The PNB’s different activities are carried out in close collaboration with nationally and internationally recognized partners (PFME/PFCE, NUGENIA, NAMRC, FINNUCLEAR)