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Les pôles de compétitivité

Support systems for export

Reference list of export assistance available to nuclear sector SMEs

Within the framework of the Nuclear Sector’s Strategy Committee’s (“CSFN“) work, Workgroup N°3 deals, in particular, with all questions relating to export.

The members of the Workgroup dealing specifically with “Levers to improve the commercial proposition” have produced a list of practical solutions for funding available to SMEs in the nuclear sector.

The list was officially presented to the CSFN Steering Committee on Thursday 4th July 2013. It is available here:


International partnerships

Identifying international partners and forging close links with them is one of the major development areas of the PNB. Today, the PNB has cooperation agreements with the following organisations:

PFME /PFCE       Groups of French industrialists active in the nuclear sector, led by EDF, and suppliers of companies producing equipment and services for nuclear power plants (Chinese market / PFCE – International market / PFME).

FINNUCLEAR     Group of Finnish industrialists specialised in the nuclear sector, FINNUCLEAR’s objective is to promote nuclear energy in Finland. FINNUCLEAR is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Economy and Employment.

NUGENIA            European group dedicated to technological research and development in the nuclear field (Generation II and III reactors), NUGENIA has around 60 European members. They are, among others, from industry, research, safety organisations and academia. The members are involved in research and development in the nuclear field, the objective being to support the emergence of collaborative research at the European level.

NAMRC                NAMRC is the result of a partnership between the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield. Spin off (directly subordinate to the University of Sheffield), NAMRC has a triple mission: R&D, Training, Quality (Codes & Regulations). NAMRC also ensures the role of interface between the academic and industrial fields. NAMRC is financed with public (Europe, State, Region) and private funds.

The PNB also intends to form closer links with the Nijni Novgorod-NIAEP Cluster (Russia).

NIAEP                   Created by Valery Igorevitsh LIMARENKO (President of ATOMENERGOPROEKT), the Nijni Novgorod/NIAEP cluster is a new structure aiming to develop the Russian nuclear industry, and at the same time, the province of Nijni Novgorod.


‘The export 1000’

The PNB plays an important role in reinforcing the number of French nuclear sector SMEs involved in export. The number of innovative projects certified by the PNB constitutes a success factor of international activity: export represents 18% of the turnover of these companies and 70 % of them are already exporting their knowhow. In a more general sense, the effort made by nuclear sector SMEs is higher than the national average: +4% for medium sized companies, +2% for small companies.

As a result, the PNB confirms its commitment to setting up ambitious international action plans for its innovative SMEs, identifying target countries, defining overseas collaborative action and fixing quantified 3 and 6 year targets, and this, in total coherence with the work developed by the Nuclear Sector Strategic Committee.


Exhibitions and international trade missions in the nuclear sector

The Nuclear Sector Strategic Committee (“CSFN“) has remarked on the need for better coordination of efforts to promote nuclear sector knowhow for export, and has offered to organise the presence of the sector’s companies, and particularly the small and medium sized companies, ay trade exhibitions.

  • WNE – The World Nuclear Community meets in Paris – France (Paris) – 13th to the 16th June 2014
  • NPI / CHINA INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR POWER INDUSTRY 2014 – China (Peking) – Exact dates to be confirmed
  • ATOMEXPO 2014 – Russia (Saint-Petersburg, to be confirmed) – Exact dates to be confirmed
  • INDIA NUCLEAR ENERGYIndia (Bombay) – 26th to the 29th November 2014
  • ANS ANNUAL MEETING – United States of America (Reno, NV) – 15th to the 19th  June 2014
  • IAEA MEETINGS & INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES 2014 – Austria (Vienna) – Several  events in 2014


Other events in the nuclear sector

  • Meetings with Japanese nuclear sector companies – Japan (Tokyo) – 15th  to the 17th  October 2013
  • Franco-Russian nuclear sector business meetings – Russia (Moscow, Nijni-Novgorod) – 28th to the 30th  October 2013
  • Selling to Emirates nuclear operators – UAE (Abu Dhabi) – 17th  & 18th  December 2013
  • Meetings with purchasers – South Korea (Seoul) – 15th  to the 18th April 2014
  • Business meetings with the civil nuclear industry – United Kingdom (London) – 13th  & 14th  May 2014
  • Meetings with Chinese nuclear sector companies – China (Chengdu / Wuhan) – 1st  to the 10th October 2014
  • Selling to Finnish and Swedish nuclear operators – Finland / Sweden (Helsinki / Stockholm) – 20th  to the 22nd  October 2014