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GETINGE La Calhène

Posté le : May 19th, 2014 dans : Archives, Portrait of the month



GLC_logo_couleurGETINGE LA CALHENE is an equipment manufacturer specializing in protection : protecting humans in a hostile environment, protecting a product against the surrounding environment and protecting the environment against hazardous products. Its customer base is partly nuclear and partly pharmaceutical clients.


Founded in 1960 by Mr Cazalis and Mr Tiélhène, LA CALHENE started out by producing PVC bags and bellows. From 1963 onwards, under licence from the CEA (Centre des Etudes Atomiques) LA CALHENE manufactured the transfer and manipulation equipment that still constitutes the core of the company’s activity today:

  • the DPTE® : double leaktight transfer port (« Double Porte de Transfert Etanche »)
  • the PADIRAC : shielded transport system
  • the MA11 : the first of a large range of remote manipulators

The first isolators for the pharmaceutical industry were installed in 1967 at IFFO CREDO’s plant at St Germain l’Arbresle, now Charles River Laboratories France.

In 1974 LA CALHENE GB was founded near Cambridge (UK) and LA CALHENE USA started trading in the state of New York in 1984. After the acquisition of DEXON in 1990, the US branch moved to Rush City, Minnesota.

From 1978 onwards, LA CALHENE has supplied remote manipulation equipment to EDF’s huge La Hague plant which now has over 600 of the company’s manipulators installed. LA CALHENE was involved in the Atalante project at Marcoule from 1982 and in 1985 worked with Technicatome on a large manipulation program. In the 1990s LA CALHENE was the selected supplier for glove box installation at the MELOX factory in the south of France.

A new factory was built in 1995 close to the new TGV (high speed train) station at Vendôme, to where the company headquarters was transferred in 2002. The acquisition of LINAC TECHNOLOGIES in 2004 added electron beam sterilization systems to LA CALHENE’s range of products.

In June 2005 LA CALHENE became GETINGE-LA CALHENE when it was bought by the Swedish group GETINGE, a global leader in the healthcare business. Quoted on the Swedish Stock Exchange, with a turnover of 2.8 billion Euros in 2013, GETINGE employs over 12,000 staff world-wide.


In the nuclear business, GETINGE-LA CALHENE is an industrial company fully competent in the design and production of equipment, parts and consumables as well as support for engineering solutions, maintenance, training and expertise in its areas of business.




  Système de transfert PADIRAD    système de changement de gant 
 MA30 remote manipulator    PADIRAC transport and transfer equipment    BCAD glove port system
  • Remote manipulators : both mechanical and electrically assisted robotic models

GETINGE-LA CALHENE supplies a complete range of articulated and telescopic manipulators with capacities at tongs of between 3 kg and 20 kg, for work in various sizes of hot cells. Recent additions to the range are the MT120 model (telescopic, 12 kg load)) and the MT200 TAO (robotic system with electrical assistance), the first of which will be operational in June 2014.

  • Shielded transport and transfer containers

            The PADIRAC and AGNES systems both integrate DPTE® containers and offer alpha, beta and gamma protection levels in one single piece of equipment, guaranteeing the safety of operators and installations while ensuring fast, flexible transfer and transport operations.

  • Glove Box Equipment

            GETINGE-LA CALHENE’s range includes various glove and sleeve port systems adapted to the specifications of each end-user. The BCAD system in particular was developed with AREVA/MELOX for its Glove Box requirements for MOX production.

  • DPTE® based products and transfer systems

            In addition to the DPTE® ports themselves, GETINGE-LA CALHENE manufactures a complete range of associated products (containers, DPTE® interconnections) with numerous variants in terms of materials, dimensions, position sensors, opening/closing systems and interlocks.

GETINGE LA CALHENE is a world leader in each of these 4 product families.

Client sectors for the applications of the product families are :


–      Front End : MOX fuel factories

–      Back End : recycling and waste treatment plants

  1. RADIO ISOTOPES FOR INDUSTRIAL AND MEDICAL MARKETS (medical diagnosis and therapy)  


While all these activities are housed In the Vendôme site, GETINGE-LA CALHENE’s USA site (Minnesota) covers sales in North America as well as final assembly and validation of products and systems for that part of the world.

GETINGE-LA CALHENE is an innovation-led company, highly attentive to its clients’ needs and feedback. Over its first 50 years of existence, the company has thus enriched its range of products and services and enlarged its client base, which is installed in around 30 countries around the world.


Through the PNB organization, GETINGE-LA CALHENE takes advantage of nuclear networking opportunities (information on technological and market developments in France and abroad, participation in the international prestige of the French nuclear sector, sharing feedback with other PNB members).

Additional benefits are partnership innovations, creating and exploiting opportunities for synergy and optimizing R&D investment costs.

By focusing on 3 major priorities, GETINGE-LA CALHENE is strengthening its development in the nuclear field and preparing for the future

–     Industry : constantly looking to improve competitiveness and industrial performance, GETINGE-LA CALHENE continues its lean manufacturing and workflow reorganization program. The supply chain rationalization effort continues, particularly in terms of externalization of the production of non-strategic items.

–      Innovation/R&D : GLC is investing heavily both in design and testing capabilities, and in new products and services relating to clients’ new applications. Working closely with clients is a major factor in future growth. Large development projects are best carried out in partnership with a key client; not only does this strategy guarantee that the development suits operational requirements, it can also in many cases provide the initial commercial outlet for new products.

–     Marketing/Communication/Sales : GETINGE-LA CALHENE aims to deepen its knowledge of nuclear clients and markets, to raise awareness and develop its brand and influence in the industry. 

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