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Become a member

Why become a member?

What members say:

Collaborative R&D

“We knew how to use the Nuclear Valley network” says Sylvain André, Managing Director of Sarrazin Technologies.

In particular, he worked closely with the CEA List in the framework of the collaborative “COBOMANIP” project which he is the initiator of, and which was certified at the end of 2009 by Nuclear Valley. Today, the resulting ultra precise and programmable manipulator is going to be tested under industrial conditions by AREVA and AIRBUS. Once the project is completed at the end of 2013, there will be many benefits: 3 patents, recruitment of a doctor beginning 2014 and collaboration lasting several years with the CEA List, the contractual conditions of which are currently being drawn up.

“As well as the innovative aspects, the entire company has improved its performance, especially concerning mecatronics” said M. André.

Support for SMEs

“The day devoted to patents was a very important event for us and the introduction, provided by a Nuclear Valley advisor, to a key player of the nuclear industry has proved to be very useful. We would like to thank you again for your understanding and your efforts in supporting an SME like ours.”

“The support provided by the “ACAMAS Energie” business strategy tool really allowed me to put things in perspective. In spite of the difficulty of the operational implementation of the project, the work can be used again. The consultants should be congratulated for their competence.”

Members’ Days

“The day of presentations made by the Creys-Malville members was very interesting, the answers provided exceeded expectations and were unambiguous.”

How to become a member?

Is my geographical location a selection criterion?

No. Nuclear Valley members are located all over France, with some regions such as La Bourgogne, Rhône Alpes and Ile de France being very well represented.

I am the sales office for an overseas group, can I join Nuclear Valley?

Nuclear Valley’s mission is to work only with those companies that have an industrial site in France.

My company doesn’t work for the nuclear sector, can we join Nuclear Valley?

No, unless you can show that the product or service provided meets an existing need in the nuclear sector. 

We are a very small company of 10 employees, can we become a Nuclear Valley member?

Nuclear Valley’s mission is to help companies of all sizes, from very small to international groups, to work together. Nuclear Valley devotes a lot of effort to helping SMEs by providing them with specific services.

Who approves an application to become a Nuclear Valley member?

Membership of Nuclear Valley is approved by the Board of directors. 

What do I need to do to apply to become a Nuclear Valley member?

A document called a “letter of expression of interest” is to be completed, in which the following important points should be made:

  • The company’s experience in the nuclear sector
  • The company’s capacity for technological development
  • The company’s commitment to participating in the cluster’s different activities (workgroups, members’ days, collective constructive action, international development etc.)

Any document giving details of the company’s activities and references can be attached to the letter and sent to:

All of the documents will then be transmitted to the Board of Directors. Their decision will then be communicated to the candidate. 

Link : Become member

Become member

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, jpg, png, gif.