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Les pôles de compétitivité


Professional training and qualifications are important for the nuclear sector and they are a crucial element in winning contracts. From the beginning, PNB has placed training at the heart of its strategic plan in order to meet current and future high demand by industrialists for training content for the renewal and updating of skills. The objective is to be able to meet the coming increase in the number of new, and young, recruits, the large numbers retiring, but also the foreseeable increase in production capacity of the nuclear industry. This need has been met by the setting up of specific actions, which are:

  • Inclusion of training establishments within the cluster (Engineering school, IUT, secondary schools and colleges, CFAI, in-service training).
  • Certification of courses devised to meet the future needs of the cluster members and in general the needs of the construction and maintenance sectors.
  • Increased consideration of the Regional role, involving all the stakeholders (UIMM, Rectorat, University, Regional Council) in order to meet both the companies’ and Region’s needs.
  • Relationships with schools and recognition of the skills. Promotion in schools and job fairs to increase young people’s awareness of the skills.
  • Involvement in the Espace Multisite Métallurgique de Bourgogne actions: EM2B


PNB’s involvement in this field has been unanimously welcomed, whether in the assessments of competitiveness clusters performance, experts’ reports or by the CSFN since:

  • The cluster participates in the Nuclear Sector Strategic Committee in order to report on the visibility of employment opportunities in the nuclear sector,
  • In-service training courses are well-structured by the implementation of dedicated programs for companies: training in Nuclear Codes, English language training etc.
  • The PNB certifies initial training given by IUT Chalon, Le Creusot, ENSAM and the Université de Bourgogne.
  • It participates in the annual EM2B steering committee which has a structural role as a platform at the regional level.


Moreover, requirements in the areas of safety, quality, security and radiological protection of employees impose formal qualifications on companies which prove the aptitude to operate in the nuclear sector. In 2014, the principal areas of recruitment in Bourgogne will be:

  • Production and methods, strongly represented in the Burgundy region due to the high number of companies involved in the production of components and the CND: metal working, machining, piping, welding etc.
  • Maintenance: industrial mechanical maintenance etc.


Companies have expressed their need to create a maintenance training centre for the nuclear sector due to the future high levels of demand. These characteristics, taken together with  the training and recruitment needs have led the PNB to play a greater role in this area concerning both in-service training and initial training.

The PNB wishes to continue its action:

  •  To actively participate in enlarging the scope of in-service training  in order to reinforce the skills sets of companies, improve awareness of existing training in the field of nuclear maintenance and to adopt a policy of raised awareness of PI, standardisation, funding and the English language for innovative companies.
  •  To participate in the development of courses which meet companies needs  in order to clarify the  content of key training courses for the industrial members of PNB and to reconcile the skills and the needs of the nuclear market.
  •  To improve local youth awareness of the sector in order to give them a better overview of future employment opportunities in the sector.